Modern kitchen with contemporary kitchen rangehood

Why Install a Kitchen Rangehood in Your Kitchen?

No matter how stunning some of the best kitchen rangehoods can look, they’re no longer just for show and aesthetics. Many people think rangehoods are unnecessary and ineffective. That's probably why so many customers dismiss them when shopping in their favourite home appliance store. But, contrary to popular belief, rangehoods can offer a wealth of benefits. Continue reading below to see why a rangehood is worth installing in your kitchen and why Midea offers some of the best kitchen rangehoods in New Zealand today.

Rangehoods improve ventilation and air quality

A rangehood’s main purpose is to improve the air quality of your kitchen by removing odours and pollutants caused by cooking food. Rangehoods pull polluted air through a motorised fan and expel it outside. They also filter the air and re-circulate to maintain air quality inside your kitchen.

Rangehoods Prevent Allergens and Irritation

Strong odours can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. A kitchen rangehood encourages a steady flow of cool and clean air that is beneficial for people who suffer from allergies and other breathing issues aggravated by pollutants.

Rangehoods Make Your Kitchen Easier to Clean

Moisture and grease don’t just disperse into the air; they often collect on your kitchen countertops, cabinets, and appliances. When they build up, your kitchen becomes more challenging to sanitise and surfaces harder to scrub. With a kitchen rangehood, you will find that your kitchens are easier to maintain and clean as the hood aids in preventing grease and moisture from accumulating on your kitchen surfaces, significantly reducing your cleaning time.

Enjoy Additional Stovetop Lighting

A rangehood comes with an overhead stovetop light. That’s important when you’re cooking and preparing food, preventing cooking mishaps and allowing for easier cleaning.

Add Value to Your Home

Kitchen appliances can boost property value, such as when you buy an oven in NZ. By improving interior air quality and kitchen functionality, a rangehood can accomplish exactly that. Many modern homes come with rangehoods that add style and function to the kitchen. Upgrading your kitchen with a rangehood is an excellent return on investment as it adds to the resale value of your home and attracts more clients.

Upgrade your kitchen with a rangehood from Midea

Installing a rangehood is a stylish and functional upgrade that offers invaluable benefits. From eliminating moisture down to making kitchens easier to clean, there’s no reason why you need to second-guess investing in one. The best rangehoods on the market today can offer all the benefits you see above, so don’t settle for anything less!
At Midea, we offer a wide array of rangehoods that add value to your kitchens. We have different styled hoods to suit your style, space, and budget, including two big suction rangehoods with steam wash: the 90cm T-Shape Rangehood E88 and the 90cm Side-suction B68. These innovative options offer a more complete and convenient kitchen experience compared to standard rangehoods.
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