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Mini Bar Fridges

Do you have a hard time squeezing that bottle into your well-stocked kitchen fridge? Sick and tired of going downstairs every time you want a Coke or a snack? Midea's bar fridge is your best solution. Get yours from our latest range of bar fridges below:

Midea 92L Bar Freezer 3-year Warranty - Midea NZ

Midea 92L Bar Freezer

Product Description  Mini size with outstanding looking. Meet your needs for additional freezer space.   Product Details SKU MDRD130FGF01AP Type Bar...
Midea 123L Bar Fridge 3-year Warranty - Midea NZ

Midea 123L Bar Fridge

Product Description Mini size with outstanding looking. Perfect for a second-floor living room and the fridge can offer you chilled drinks...
Midea 87L Bar Fridge and Freezer 3-year Warranty - Midea NZ

Midea 87L Bar Fridge and Freezer

Product Description Mini size with outstanding looking. Perfect for a second living room, offering chilled drinks or ice cream during your...
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    Whether it's your home bar, office, or entertainment room, our compact fridges are the ideal solution for keeping your drinks and snacks chilled. Available in various capacity options, these little coolers will bowl you over with how much stuff they can store. Oh, some of them even come with separate chiller compartments. Isn’t it nice to have some ice cream at hand when you are chilling in your own space?

    No matter which model you choose, all of Midea's bar fridges are packed with cooling and storage benefits. Here’s what defines our fridges:

    ·       Compact: Forget about rearranging your room to find a place for a cooler. As they are ergonomically designed, our bar fridges are small enough to fit in the tiniest spaces.

    ·       Energy-efficient: You don’t want your refrigerator to eat away your wallet, right? Midea bar coolers have the gold standard energy rating of 1.5 to 2.

    ·       Improved storage: Whether it’s to refrigerate perishable foods or to chill beer cans, our bar fridges are up for them all. Their door shelves and drawers help you store everything you need.

    ·       Flexible: Some models have reversible doors for your convenience, in case you are a lefty.

    ·       Quiet: A refrigerator that makes a humming noise and runs at an aircraft's loudness level is a pain in the neck. Be assured that you will never worry about this with Midea home appliances.

    Order Now, and Let us Promise you the Quality

    At Midea, we strive to prove that just because a bar fridge is cheap, that doesn’t mean it needs to be lousy. We stand behind the quality of all our refrigerators and vouch for it with a 2-year warranty.

    We make sure the appliance arrives safely at your door (please note that we don’t do the unpacking or installation). You can also pick it up at our facility in Newmarket, Auckland.