Midea Beverage/Wine Coolers

A Beverage/Wine Cooler is a specialised appliance designed to store and chill beverages. Unlike a standard refrigerator, which may not provide the ideal temperature or humidity conditions for wine or beverages, this is tailored to meet the specific needs of drinks. At Midea, we have a range of special coolers to enhance your beverage and wine storage experience. Browse below to get yours in NZ.

Midea 115 Cans Beverage Cooler MDRW146WCA22AP - Midea NZ

Midea 115 Cans Beverage Cooler MDRW146WCA22AP

Product Description     Product Details SKU MDRW146WCA22AP Type Cans Beverage Cooler Total Gross Volume (L) 96L Total Storage Volume (L)...
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    Elevate your home entertaining and relaxation with Midea's Beverage/Wine Cooler, exclusively available on our website. The advanced cooling technology of our coolers maintains consistent temperatures, preserving the flavour profiles of your beverages. Plus, they operate with minimal noise, ensuring that your relaxation moments remain undisturbed.

    While you can conveniently accommodate various bottle shapes and sizes, the sleek and modern design complements your home decor. With a transparent glass door, you can showcase your beverage selection in style.

    So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today, and let us deliver your home appliances right to your doorstep. Don’t forget to check out our mini bar fridges too!