Induction Hobs

Induction Hobs

Ignite your passion for cooking with Midea’s induction hobs. Get on a journey of culinary artistry with induction cookers made from the latest technology with elegant design here in NZ.

Midea 90cm 5-Zone Induction Cooktop MC-IV10241B2CC-A - Midea NZ

Midea 90cm 5-Zone Induction Cooktop MC-IV10241B2CC-A

Manual Book Midea induction cooktop offers you a quick, energy-saving, safety cooking experience. The individual timer helps you to take...
Midea 60cm Freezone Induction Cooktop MC-IF7222CCD - Midea | Home Appliances New Zealand

Midea 60cm Freezone Induction Cooktop MC-IF7222CCD

Manual Book Freezone cooking area offers you a flexible cooking style with no more restrictions on the shape or size...
Midea 30cm 2-Zone Induction Cooktop Touch Control MC-ID351 - Midea NZ

Midea 30cm 2-Zone Induction Cooktop Touch Control MC-ID351

Manual Book The best option for small kitchens, such as student apartment or studio unit. Features: 99min timer 9 stage...

Midea 60cm 4-zone Induction Cooktop MC-IF7454AJ1-A

Product Details SKU MC-IF7454AJ1-A Type 60cm Induction Cooktop Dimension (WxLxH) 590×520×62 (mm) Item Weight (Net/Gross Weight) 8.5/9.8 kg Applied Voltage/Frequency...
  • Buy Midea’s Premium Induction Hobs here in NZ

    Midea's Induction Hobs redefine your cooking by harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields, delivering rapid, precise, and efficient heat directly to your cookware. This allows you to cook your food faster, minimising the energy consumption. With fast responsiveness and intuitive touch control, your ingredients are brought to the perfect temperature instantaneously, granting you precise control over every dish you create.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Midea's induction cooker exudes sophistication while seamlessly integrating into any kitchen aesthetic you are after. The sleek glass surface is not only a visual delight but also remarkably easy to clean, ensuring that your kitchen remains as immaculate as your culinary creations!

    The induction cooktops also come with a range of cooking zones designed to accommodate various pot and pan sizes. From gentle simmering to vigorous boiling, the precise temperature control caters to all your cooking needs, while the power boost feature delivers an extra surge of heat when required. Along with the freedom to adjust the heat levels and cooking times, the timer function is also available to ensure your dishes are always prepared to perfection.

    Our home appliances further ensure that safety comes first when you are out in the kitchen. Midea hob's surface remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns, and the automatic pan detection system ensures that heat is generated only when compatible cookware is placed on the hob. Isn’t that amazing?

    From gas hobs to ceramic hobs, we’ve got cookers for every kitchen. Get ready to create extraordinary flavours that tantalise the senses – all at the touch of a button with Midea.