Midea Vertical Freezers & Fridges

Best Upright Refrigerators in NZ 

If there’s a lot of unused vertical space in your kitchen, consider placing your cooling appliance in a way that makes the most of it. Midea's upright fridges & freezers are designed specifically to fit this purpose. Like chest freezers, these are also standalone appliances, but with more space to keep your foods and drinks organised. Browse below to get the latest vertical refrigerator for sale:

Midea 237L Upright Fridge White MDRU327FGF01AP

Notice: This is the Vertical FRIDGE. NOT a freezer.  User Manual Midea MDRU327FGF01AP has a reversible door and handle.  • Gross capacity:...
Midea 172L Upright Freezer White JHSD172 - Midea | Home Appliances New Zealand

Midea 172L Upright Freezer White MDRU229FGF01AP

Notice: This is the Vertical FREEZER. NOT a fridge.  Midea MDRU229FGF01AP has a reversible door and handle. Gross Capacity: 172L...

Midea Upright Fridge & Freezer Combo - 237L Upright Fridge + 172L Upright Freezer

Notice: This is the UPRIGHT FRIDGE and UPRIGHT FREEZER COMBO User Manual MDRU327FGF01AP Gross capacity: 237L Glass shelves 2-litre bottle...
Imprasio 366L Upright Freezer White IMUF366 - Midea NZ

Imprasio 366L Upright Freezer White IMUF366

Product Description   Product Details SKU IMUF366 Type Upright Freezer Color White Capacity (L) 366L Dimension (L x W x H)...
Midea 238L Upright Fridge/Freezer Dual Model MDRU333FGF02AP - Midea NZ

Midea 238L Upright Fridge/Freezer Dual Model MDRU333FGF02AP

  Product Description   Product Details SKU MDRU333FGF02AP Type Upright Fridge/Freezer Dual Model Color Stainless Steel Capacity (L) 238 L Dimension (D...
  • How to Choose the Perfect Upright Refrigerator for You?

    Do you need a dedicated refrigerator, a freezer or a combination of both? Our range of upright appliances has you covered. Whether you’re moving to a new place, or your existing refrigerator needs to be replaced, it’s crucial to find a cooler that is right for you. Buying a fridge is always a big deal, and here’s what you should know:

    Capacity is the first thing to focus on:

    The amount of cooling space you need depends on your household size. Our upright models are available from 172L to 418L, with the latter being suitable for families of four.

    Appliance type is just as important:

    Are you looking for an independent cooler or chiller? Or do you prefer an all-inclusive unit? We have standalone appliances and combos of upright fridges/freezers for sale, with switching options between the two.

    Consider shelving and other features:

    Our models vary by the number of drawers they come with. Always choose one that has enough built-in shelves for you. Decide whether you need a frost-free appliance, reversible door or any other features.

    Energy rating can be a deciding factor

    To prevent your cooler from affecting your family budget with higher-than-average utility bills, go for an energy-efficient one. Without overstating it, Midea upright units are less expensive to run than most models out there.

    Price tags can make a difference

    We have a range of upright fridges & freezers that are cheaper than dual-mode combos. So, make sure you’re investing in an appliance that you can afford.

    With Midea, your ideal upright cooler is only a click away. Let it be a side by side refrigerator or an upright fridge, choose the unit that works best for your household and let us deliver it right to your doorstep in New Zealand!