French Door Fridges

French Door Refrigerators 

A French door refrigerator is characterised by its unique double-door design for the refrigerator compartment, with a bottom-mount freezer drawer. Selecting a Midea French door refrigerator is a decision that not only enhances your kitchen but also elevates your entire refrigeration experience. Browse below to get yours:

Midea 474L Cross Door Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel MDRF632FGF46APD - Midea NZ

Midea 470L Cross Door Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Discover luxury and innovation with the Midea 460L Cross Door Fridge Freezer in Stainless Steel, available exclusively at Appliance World...
  • Why Choose a French Door Refrigerator?

    If you have the budget and space, here's why you should get Midea’s French door fridge:

    Smart Cooling Technology

    Midea’s smart cooling technology ensures that your food stays at the ideal temperature and humidity levels, preserving freshness and flavour. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to longer-lasting produce, dairy, and meats.

    No Frost Technology

    Bid farewell to the tedious task of manual defrosting. This feature prevents ice buildup in the freezer, maintaining consistent temperatures and eliminating freezer burn. 


    Our French Door Refrigerators feature adjustable shelves and spacious storage, making organization easier. The dual refrigerator doors provide easy access to frequently used items with 90° accessibility. The lower freezer drawer also offers ample space for frozen goods.

    We also have a range of latest chest freezers, side-by-side refrigerators and even wine coolers to suit your preferences. Check them out to choose yours!