Choosing a freezer – food inside an upright freezer

What to Look for When Choosing a Freezer

Upright freezers are a great choice for your home, occupying a small amount of space and providing an efficient way to store and access your food. We have put together a list of what you should look for when choosing a freezer to get the most bang for your buck! From shelving options to energy efficiency, here’s what you need to consider before making a purchase.


Capacity is the first thing to look at. How much cooling space you need depends on the size of your household. Our upright models are available in 172L to 418L capacity, with the latter being suitable for families of four. It is best to avoid empty space in your freezer. Unused space will leave more room for warm air and cause the freezer to use more energy to maintain cool temperatures.


Shelving Options

Vertical freezers are available with shelves or drawers. The biggest appeal of upright freezers compared to chest freezers is that they make it much easier to access and organise your food. They come with compartment dividers and are designed to make accessing items you need much simpler than with chest freezers. The shelves allow you to open the door and easily see what’s there. Always choose a freezer that has enough built-in shelves for your needs. Look for extra features you may need as well, like frost-free options or reversible doors.


Energy Efficiency

Energy rating may be a deciding factor. To prevent your cooler from affecting your family budget with higher-than-average utility bills, go for an energy-efficient one. Midea upright units are less expensive to run than most models out there.


Location of the Freezer

Many people fail to consider how the freezer will look and perform in their space. First things first, you need to make sure that your freezer will be able to fit through the doorways and into its dedicated space. Upright freezers are great for kitchen placement as they are stylish and blend well.



Price tags are obviously a big deciding factor when choosing a freezer. In Midea’s collection, you’ll find separate upright fridges & freezers that are cheaper than dual-mode combos. Make sure you’re investing in the right appliance for you before making a commitment. Know your budget for buying a freezer but consider how long-term costs can compare. For example, while energy-efficient models may cost more upfront, the long-term costs you’ll save will make the purchase worth it.


Find the Perfect Freezer at Midea

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a freezer; it’s more complicated than just finding something to keep things cold. The type of freezer you choose will depend on your individual needs. At Midea, we have a range of upright freezers available for all lifestyles, kitchen layouts, and households. If you need more help deciding on the most suitable option, give us a call, and we can answer your questions. Browse our range today and make yourself at home with Midea!