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How to Defrost Your Fridge for the Big Move

How to Defrost Your Fridge for the Big Move

One of the most frustrating tasks when moving is getting your fridge ready for the long haul, be it a commercial freezer or bar fridge. Not to worry! Here, we’re offering a simple and straightforward guide for defrosting your fridge for the big day.


Before you get started, be warned! A total defrost of your fridge may result in melting ice releasing the smells that have been trapped for years, so it pays to prepare yourself with everything you need to get in and clean the interior fast. Just follow these quick and easy steps to defrosting your fridge and you’ll be fine.


Giving your Fridge a Proper Cleanout

Defrosting your fridge is a great opportunity to give it a good clean out. The fridge is often the most neglected kitchen utility when it comes to cleaning, which is ironic, as it is one of the most important household appliances to clean given it’s where the food you eat is stored!


Before unplugging your fridge for defrosting, remove all the contents so they don’t get drenched by melting ice, and store them in cool bags or containers. It pays to eat as much of your fridge’s contents as possible in the days before unplugging so you have less to move or throw out.


Defrosting Your Fridge

Unplug your fridge 24 hours before your scheduled move and leave the doors open, and put old rags or towels on the floor in front of the fridge to soak up any excess water from the melting ice. Alternatively, you can also stuff old towels and rags that you plan to dispose of inside the fridge to soak up all the melted ice water. This method will make the next step stage easier, as you have less water get rid of. 


While the ice melts, keep a scouring pad handy to deal with any stains that might be revealed by the ice as it melts. Many parts of your fridge may have not seen the light of day in years, so cleaning as you go is the best way to deal with them, rather than letting them dry out during the move and then trying to deal with them once you’ve arrived in your new home.


Day of Moving

After the defrosting process is completed, soak up the remaining water with a sponge and squeeze it into a bucket or your kitchen sink. Remove the various shelves and drawers from your fridge for cleaning. Wipe and wash the insides of your fridge thoroughly and sanitize it with a strong disinfectant if you can. During this step, ensure the fridge is unplugged at all times, just in case, as you don’t want to accidentally shock yourself.


Alternative Methods

In a hurry? If you don’t have time to defrost, you could use a large spoon or spatula to scrape off the ice. Pouring in warm water or using a blow drier are both excellent ways of speeding up the process too. If you do use a blow drier, keep it at a safe distance so don’t bring the power cables into contact with any water. Do not use boiling water either, as it will damage the surfaces in your fridge. If possible, you should also avoid using metal utensils to scrape off the ice, as you could scratch the surface and casings of the fridge interior.


Quick Tips

If the stains are not coming off while the fridge defrosts, you can always try pouring baking soda onto them, and leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing again.

After the ice has melted, putting in a slice of lime in your fridge is a great and organic way of deodorising the interior of your fridge.


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