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All About Midea: What Makes Us Different?

All About Midea: What Makes Us Different?

For more than half a century, Midea has been providing innovative home and commercial products and solutions to enrich the lives of consumers. Our products are created by striving to bring great innovations to life and inspire the future of home and commercial spaces. Below, we explain who we are, how we compare to other appliance stores, and why our core values led us to become global leaders in the market, supplying products and solutions across more than 200 countries.

Where We Started

Midea’s story begins in China, 1968, with founder He Xiangjian opening a bottle lid production workshop, far from what the company would become in the following decades. 1980 marked a turning point for Midea, as the company’s focus moved toward manufacturing electric fans. The development of electric fans led to the production of Midea’s first air conditioner, an important product that remains at the core of the business almost 50 years later.


Throughout the following decades following the company branched out from their production of air conditioners, with endeavours into new appliances. The company carried out several mergers and acquisitions, leading to the production of refrigerators, laundry machines, and other household appliances.


Our Values

Midea was founded and built on four core values: Aspiration, dedication, collaboration, and innovation, all of which have remained strong guiding principles throughout the business’ lifetime. It’s these values behind Midea that have pushed the company to grow to over 150,000 employees, enter the Fortune Global 500 for 5 consecutive years, and reach numerous other milestones.


We hold innovation close to the heart of our business, investing 4% of our profits into research, with 20 research centres across 9 countries and a 4-level innovation structure, allowing us to prioritise research on the latest technology. The development of new technologies means Midea can continue to enrich the lives of consumers around the world by designing products that users can seamlessly interact with. Our innovation-based approach to design has allowed us to file over 70,000 patent applications too.


Why We’re Different

Our values surrounding innovation are what makes us stand out against other manufacturers of home and commercial appliances. We’re don’t just build appliances; we build the human experience. The technological developments seen since the company began has created an opportunity to cement Midea as a world leader. Midea took an innovative approach to design and technology to create a collection of powerful appliances, aligning with research on how they’re used and interacted with. Developing an understanding of human behaviour has put Midea in a fantastic position, designing and manufacturing appliances that don’t just get the job done, but rather bring humanised technology into homes across the globe.


Humanised technology is what makes Midea stand out in an large market of household appliances. Anyone can build a quality washing machine, but it takes a deep understanding of human behaviour; how and when we use our washing machines, to create a world-leading product. The product itself must be built to a high quality, but focusing on how people use and interact with it directly improves the user experience and efficiency of our product lines.


Make Yourself at Home with Midea


Midea provides high-quality home and commercial products and appliances, backed by powerful company values that constantly push us to succeed in a crowded market. Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner to beat the hot summer in NZ, laundry appliances have broken down, or you’re just after the most efficiently humanised technology on the market, look no further. Midea has everything to complete your home’s ecosystem. Our research-driven approach to design has reinvented the way we interact with our homes and commercial spaces. Check out our full product family today, and make yourself at home with Midea!