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Five Essential Appliances for New Homeowners

5 Essential Appliances for New Homeowners

Purchasing a new home is an enormous accomplishment, and what better way to celebrate than picking out the appliances that go along with your dream home. From vacuum cleaners to dryer machines, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favourite Midea appliances that are perfect for new homeowners.

1. Stick Vacuum

Make vacuuming fun with the 18P0B Vacuum Cleaner! This nifty little stick vacuum glides smoothly across your floor, while its powerful suction removes all the dirt and grit hiding through your floors. Cordless manoeuvrability makes the 18P0B easy to use, ensuring that you get every last nook and cranny. A reliable charge, wide range of accessories and attachments, and affordable price all make this vacuum an essential choice for keeping your home clean and tidy.

2. Front Loading Washing Machine

If you’re looking to buy a front load washing machine, look no further. Front loaders are great for first time homeowners, as they’ll help save a lot of money in the long term. Our 7.5 KG Front Loader Washing Machine is a perfect starting point, featuring 16 settings, a 3.5-star energy rating, 4-star water rating, and a 1400RPM spin cycle that forces much more water out of your clothes than a standard top loader does, meaning they’ll need less time to dry. Not only is the washer itself affordable, your bills will benefit too.

3. Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Don’t leave your washing machine all alone; a dryer is essential for those windy, rainy days when you can’t get your washing out on the line. Our 7KG Heat Pump Dryer can warm clothes in 30-60 minutes with a 6-star energy rating. Drying clothes is no longer a luxury, it’s essential and easier than ever with our range of dryer options.

4. Cross Door Fridge Freezer

We can’t talk about appliances without mentioning the kitchen! A fridge is a staple in every kitchen, and your kitchen will look extremely chic with the 474 litre Cross Door Fridge/Freezer. Individual opening doors allows for more conservation of power, and more space inside the fridge and freezer, giving you more freedom to separate and organise. An LED display control makes it easier to monitor the temperature of your fridge, and three independent cooling systems circulate clean air, not to mention its sleek look brings an element of style to your kitchen.

5. Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

Controlling the temperature of your home has never been easier—keep your new home warm in the winter, cool for the summer, and just right in spring and autumn. Our 2.5KW Air Conditioner/3.2KW Heat Pump is ideal for first time homeowners, as it’s the cheapest in our range, but it certainly delivers. With minimal noise, a high-density filter, and a 5-star energy rating, filling your home with clean air and maintaining a pleasant temperature is easy and economical with this choice.


Need Some Appliances to Fill Your Home?

First time purchasing a home? Eager to start filling it with appliances? Don’t worry, we’ve got environmentally friendly and affordable options, all of which will look beautiful in your home. Kitchen, refrigerators, dishwashers, dehumidifiers—find all your essential appliances at Midea.