Steam Wash Rangehood

Steam Wash Rangehood

As an innovative kitchen appliance, our steam wash rangehood is meticulously crafted to efficiently eliminate persistent grease, stains, and odours from both the air and surfaces in your kitchen. Using steam with cutting-edge ventilation technology, our appliance ensures a kitchen space that's not only cleaner but also more hygienic for your cooking endeavours. Browse below to check out our latest collection:

Midea 90cm Side-suction Rangehood -Steam Wash B68 - Midea NZ

Midea 90cm Side-suction Rangehood -Steam Wash B68

Product Description Sustain excellent suction performance with self-cleaning steam wash. 4 main Features are Smart Auto Steam Wash, Hand Wave Control, Complete Smoke...
[New Arrival] Midea T-Shape Rangehood -Steam Wash E88 - Midea NZ

Midea T-Shape Rangehood -Steam Wash E88

Product Description High suction at full speed, intelligent detection of steam wash. iSmoke sensor makes sense for your fresh cooking. Product...

Midea T-Shape Rangehood -Steam Wash 90J05-ET23

Product Description   Product Details SKU 90J05-ET23 Color Stainless Steel + Black glass display Voltage 220-240V~50Hz Rated Power 1600W Lighting Power...
  • Get High-quality Steam Wash Rangehoods in NZ

    Midea steam wash rangehood is an excellent addition to your kitchen if you want a cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic cooking environment. It offers superior cleaning capabilities, improved air quality, and added convenience, all while enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.

    Enjoy peace of mind with quiet operation and user-friendly controls. We also have a range of T-shaped rangehoods and powerpack rangehoods to meet your demands in style.