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Why a Dehumidifier is Essential for New Zealand Winters

Why a Dehumidifier is Essential for New Zealand Winters

We all know how difficult it can be to get through a New Zealand winter. We see cold snaps and high winds, but mostly rain—and lots of it—which creates high levels of humidity, as evaporated water is constantly being drawn into the air. It’s likely that you’re familiar with humidity, and that clammy feeling that comes along with it, but because it’s invisible to the naked eye, we don’t tend to think about how we can solve it. Below, we discuss some of the benefits that purchasing a dehumidifier from your local appliance store can have on your home and your health, while saving you a bit of extra money in the long term too.

Keeping Your Home Healthy

Bacteria and allergens thrive in humidity, which is the main reason a humid home can lead to poor health and a spike in allergies. A dehumidifier allows you to control the humidity level and, depending on the model, remove up to 20-50 litres of water from their air per day. Removing this moisture hinders the growth of bacteria and allergens in your home ensuring that mould won’t form. If your family is surrounded by clean, dry air, the risk of common winter illnesses (coughs and colds) will be significantly lower. People with common breathing conditions, such as asthma, often see dramatic improvement after using a dehumidifier as well.

Owning a Dehumidifier Can Save Money

Nothing is worse than wasting money on air conditioning during the cold winter months, but unfortunately, with lots of rainfall, winter can quickly start to feel damp, and we end up turning on the air conditioner to dry out the air and get some heat pumping. Generally, dehumidifiers are reasonably priced, and much more energy-efficient than most air conditioning, so it’s more cost-effective to remove the cause, rather than the symptom – instead of escaping damp winter nights by pumping dry air through your home, removing the moisture in your home will help the air feel much warmer, and keep your clothes and furniture safe from mould, and reduce the cost of winter bills.


If your home lacks double-glazed windows, a dehumidifier is also crucial for removing the condensation off your windows and making sure that extra moisture doesn’t find its way inside.

Set and Forget

Because they don’t cost much to run, and most dehumidifiers have automatic settings too, you keep the appliance on a timer to keep humidity within a  comfortable range (45%-55% humidity) and ensure that the appliance switches off when the water tank is full. Plugging in a dehumidifier and finding your desired settings is pretty much all that’s required! Most modern dehumidifiers are quiet and go unnoticed while running and take up only a small amount of space. Store your dehumidifier easily, move it from room to room as needed, and sleep comfortably this winter.


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Dehumidifiers in NZ are essential as winter tightens its grip and the moisture levels rise. If you’re looking for affordable and convenient way to reduce the moisture in your home, Midea has a range of easy-to-use dehumidifiers that’ll keep you and your family healthy through the winter. Find out more today!