Bamboo steamer basket must-have kitchen accessory for vegans

Vegan Kitchen Accessories and Appliances for the Perfect Meal

Vegan Kitchen Accessories and Appliances for the Perfect Meal

At Midea, we understand that it’s all about the equipment! This is particularly true if you have recently decided to go vegan, as you will be aware that more of your meals must be made right there in your kitchen. Even as a vegan, you can still consume too many calories from processed foods. Fortunately, the right vegan kitchen accessories help you cut down on cooking time, enjoy healthier meals, and mix it up with a more varied diet!


These must-have kitchen accessories and appliances give you control of what exactly you are eating, by allowing you to prepare beautiful, healthy meals. Preparing your kitchen will make it easier to experience the many benefits of a vegan diet. So, here are some smaller kitchen appliances in NZ to make your vegan journey much simpler.


Top Kitchen Accessories for Vegans

By adding the following essential appliances to your kitchen wishlist, you will save money, cut down on prep time, and cook like a vegan pro! Many of these must-have kitchen appliances are available from our home appliance store.


A Tofu Presser for a Great Protein Substitute

As you will find out, tofu holds a lot of water and it isn’t very pleasant if you don’t squeeze it out before cooking. If you’re cooking with proper tofu, you need to buy a tofu presser. They are not expensive and will help you perfect all of those delicious tofu dishes.


Blender/Food Processor to do More with What You Have

Most people will agree that a quality high-speed blender and/or food processor is the most useful kitchen appliance you will ever need as a vegan. Your blender makes delicious smoothies and creamy soups. It comes with a handy chopping/mixing blade for nuts, garlic, onions, peppers, celery, herbs, and even vegan bread. You can mince/puree vegetables and fruits, mix salad dressings, and slice cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and more with the slicing disc.


Rice Cooker for Perfectly Cooked Grains

Rice is a staple grain, especially for those who prefer it to vegan bread options. A rice cooker is a kitchen necessity because it cooks much more than just rice! Use it to steam vegetables, poach fruit, and even prepare piping hot oats.


Check out Midea’s 5L Rice Cooker and 3L Mint Green Rice Cooker for some great options!


Bamboo Steamer Basket for a Healthy Alternative to Fried Food

Once you know your way around a bamboo steamer basket, you’ll never look back! Unlike microwave steam baskets, this essential kitchen accessory allows you to steam food in multiple layers and enjoy moist, sumptuous meals without all those fatty oils.


Pressure Cooker to Save Time

Pressure cookers are a great way to prepare time-intensive dishes when you’re short on time. Quickly prepare healthy servings of brown rice, beans, and hearty root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and beetroot. Check out our 5.5L Pressure Cooker and 6L Pressure Cooker to get started!


Find the Perfect Appliance Online with Midea!

Midea not only focuses on developing the core components of our appliances but also on improving energy efficiency, reliability, and safety compliance to produce the best kitchen appliances. We deploy the latest technology to offer quality options, such as hobs, dishwashers, and refrigerators in NZ. Talk to the experts at Midea today to set yourself up in your new vegan-friendly kitchen utopia!