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Things to Consider When Buying a Bar Fridge

A bar fridge may be small in size, but its amazing features make it stand out. There are various things that you must consider before buying a bar fridge.

How big is your bar?

If you don’t know the size of your bar, it is time that you take out the meter stick to find out how much room you have. In case you have already carved out space for the bar fridge, that’s perfect. Also, make sure you have a measure for door clearance. Some models are stuck to one side opening; however, others have a reversible door that aids both left and right-hand opening.

How many drinks do you want to store?

Storage capacity is an extremely important factor to consider. There is a variety of bar fridge available that come in a wide range of storage capacity. Some have as little storage capacity as only 1.6 cubic feet while others are apartment size with a storage capacity of 4.7 cubic feet. The tricky part is that no one can tell exactly how many beverages a bar fridge can hold. All cans and bottles are not of the same size. Your job is to know what beverages are you planning to store. After making that decision, look carefully at the bar fridge and picture your beverages in it before making a final choice if it will be good enough to keep the drinks cold.

Is your home bar indoors or outdoors?

Backyard kitchens and bars have become the heart and soul of many homes. To be honest, who wouldn’t want a calming vibe at home? If you are planning on creating a cozy patio vibe, go for a chest freezer or a fridge freezer NZ that will be perfect for outdoor use. However, when it comes to a bar fridge, they are designed mostly for indoor use. Using a model outside that is basically rated for indoor use can get damaged due to sun exposure or other weather conditions.

Any must-have features?

Maybe not as much as a smart fridge, but the bar fridge has many amazing features on offer. They are extremely convenient and have enough storage capacity. Moreover, bar fridge features can include dispensers, 2L bottle holders, and removable shelves. Besides that, a lockable door is quite an impressive feature for buyers. Having a fridge that comes with an integrated lock ensures the safety of your beverages.