Woman working at her desk in her home office

Small Kitchen & Home Appliances for a Remote Working Lifestyle

Working from home is becoming a normal part of corporate life, but it can be challenging to be productive when you’re at home. You may already be familiar with the benefits of using traditional appliances, such as air conditioning, but many don’t consider the advantages of smaller appliances.


Small kitchen appliances and other appliance technology can transform your home office into an ideal, productive, and comfortable working space. In this blog post, we share some work from home essentials to bring your home office to life.


Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger


This chic desk lamp won’t just light up your workspace. It also offers the extra functionality of a wireless charging pad. Charge your phone throughout the workday, pick it up for a 5-minute game break, a quick work call—or anything in between—without dealing with finicky wires.


The light itself offers three different brightness levels, allowing you to dim the light to suit whatever time of day you’re working! This little lamp belongs in the corner of every home desk.


Robot Vacuum


Once you’ve clocked off for the day, the last thing you want to do is housekeeping—especially after working in the same space all day—so let a robot vacuum do it for you! This life-changing technology makes day-to-day life so much easier, giving you peace of mind that your living (and work) space are being kept clean and tidy.


Multiple cleaning modes, remote control, and out-of-the-way docking stations make robot vacuums ideal for maintaining your home through the week until you manage to find some time to clean the nooks and crannies it can’t reach.


Tower Fan


Productivity can be a bit low with the current summer heat, but there’s an easy fix! Stick this sleek tower fan in the corner of your home office, and then enjoy the feeling of a perfectly cooled office.


Despite the slim build, the tower fan has the power to cover the whole room, with multiple settings to get the temperature and airflow exactly how you like it as it comes with a handy remote control. The power-off memory function has you covered if you forget to turn it off, so don't worry!


Microwave Oven


As your collection of kitchen goods grows, it can be difficult to find space to keep things. The solution? It might be time to ditch the bulky microwave and conventional oven for the three-in-one microwave oven with steaming function. With this one little appliance, you can easily reheat work lunch or defrost the chicken for dinner in next to no time. You’ll only be away from the desk for a second!


The performance of this smaller appliance does its name justice, as it’s a fantastic alternative to both traditional appliances. Easy-to-navigate settings, auto-cook menus, and child safety locks make this ideal for any kitchen.


Benchtop Water Purifier


Missing the office kitchen and water-cooler chats? Bring it to your own home with a benchtop water purifier. Offering hot water, and cold water for those blistering afternoons, this small kitchen appliance is the perfect addition to any home.


Hydration is key to keeping your brain awake and bringing your most productive self to work, and it’ll feel just like you’re in the office kitchen! Fixed water volume, eco mode, and reminders of filter lifespan make this nifty appliance easy to use.


Don’t Just Work from Home, Work with Your Home

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