Worker installing an oven for customer’s kitchen remodel

Our Guide to Revamping Your Kitchen

Our Guide to Revamping Your Kitchen

Whether you’re renovating the whole space or just need to buy a dishwasher online, making changes in the kitchen often requires a significant reshuffle, as all the key appliances tend to take up a lot of space. 

The hardest part of taking on any project is figuring out where to start, so we’ve put together this handy guide to get you started. Below, we discuss how to determine your priorities, so you end up with a kitchen that’s perfectly suited to you.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

Establishing how your kitchen is used in your household is crucial to establishing a priority list if you want to make changes. Do you cook from scratch most nights? Are there always lots of people trying to cook at once? Do you host guests often? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself to figure out how you want to divide your budget, and which areas of the kitchen need the most work.

Appliances can get expensive, so tailoring your kitchen to the way you use it ensures that you’re getting the absolute most out of your investment. Not to mention a kitchen re-do is the perfect opportunity to evaluate how you use your kitchen and even cut some costs on your bills. For example, a small household could benefit from replacing the regular dishwasher with a smaller drawer dishwasher, reducing the water and electricity consumed when doing the dishes, to better fit their dishwashing habits.

What Don’t You Like About Your Existing Kitchen?

Now, it’s not all about habits, bills, and usage—it’s also important to factor in your general opinions of your current kitchen into the process. Think about the things you dislike about your kitchen; maybe your fridge is too small or you’re just sick of the rubbish-bin smell. Considering these factors will point you in the direction of which appliances you may need, or which you want to update.

If your rubbish bin always stinks, installing a food waste disposer can help eliminate the smell as most of your food scraps can be ground up down the drain, rather than rotting inside your kitchen bin. Maybe you feel like you spend half your night standing in front of the stove and would benefit from an induction hob to make cooking quicker and more efficient? 

Refrigerators in NZ are more advanced now than ever before, so it’s worth exploring to see what new convenient features are out there. Looking into the ways that different appliances could be used or replaced is key to ending up with a finished space that feels like it’s created just for you. 

Start Big

We know how exciting browsing air fryers and blenders can be, but don’t get ahead of yourself! These smaller appliances can be easily purchased or replaced over time if they don’t fit into your revamp budget. It’s the big essentials that will eat most of your budget, so it’s wise to cover these bases first to ensure you can get everything you absolutely need to have a functional kitchen. Generally, the essentials are a fridge, oven, and rangehood, followed by other less essential appliances such as a dishwasher or microwave.

Establishing your priority appliances helps you divide your budget appropriately. Don’t just look for the fanciest and latest model on the market, research a few different models and think about how the pros and cons align with your habits.

Finish Small

Now that you’ve figured out your priorities and found some appliances that work with your household’s kitchen habits, it’s time for the fun part. Small appliances tie the kitchen together and as with the essentials, it’s all about your habits and how you use these appliances to determine what you need and its priority.

Think about the small appliances in your kitchen—what always breaks down quickly? What gets heavy use? And what’s been sitting, unused, at the back of the cupboard for a decade? Asking yourself questions like these will help to show where you may want to invest more money into a better model and where you can cut corners. Replacing your small appliances is a great way to wrap up the process and can be delayed if the budget doesn’t allow it, as they’re not essential to a functioning kitchen. 

Revamping Your Kitchen Starts with Midea

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