How do pyrolytic ovens work? A woman cleaning an oven

Pyrolytic Ovens– What You Need to Know

Ovens have many different functions and features to navigate, one of which is ‘pyrolytic’. If you are buying a new oven in NZ and want to learn more about the pyrolytic function, we have you covered. Read on to discover how pyrolytic ovens work and if they are right for you.


How Do Pyrolytic Ovens Work?

So, what is a pyrolytic oven exactly, and how do they work? Pyrolytic ovens are also known as self-cleaning ovens. They use extreme heat to clean themselves without the use of cleaning products. However, pyrolytic ovens aren’t entirely self-cleaning; they require human assistance to complete the cleaning process. Pyrolytic ovens heat themselves to extreme temperatures (450 – 500 degrees Celsius) to burn off any mess left behind by whatever you’ve been cooking. Over 2-4 hours, fat splatters, meat juices, grease, and grime are all heated to the point that they turn to ash, which can be easily swept up or wiped away. This reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and vigorous scrubbing. 


What are the Advantages of Pyrolytic Ovens?

The greatest advantage of a pyrolytic oven is that it requires much less cleaning than your typical oven! It’s a great option if you have allergies or are sensitive to certain chemicals, as the extreme heat negates the need for cleaning products. The convenience of a self-cleaning oven means you won’t spend hours with a scouring pad trying to get rid of the baked-on grime. In two to four hours, your oven will be sparkling (even in those hard-to-reach corners), without any effort. The pyrolytic process cleans your oven thoroughly, and you’ll likely notice that your oven stays cleaner for longer. You’ll only need to carry out a pyrolytic clean about every two months, or possibly even less, depending on how often and what you are cooking.


Is a Pyrolytic Oven Right for You?

Many great things come with owning a pyrolytic oven, but is it right for you? The type of oven you buy will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Pyrolytic ovens will cost a bit more upfront than a regular oven, but you’ll save so much time and energy that it can certainly be worth it! One thing to be aware of is the high temperatures that pyrolytic ovens can reach. Pyrolytic ovens are safe to use. However, you must ensure that your pyrolytic oven is installed safely by a professional, which can incur an additional cost. If you are in the financial position to spend a little extra for the pyrolytic function, we are sure you won’t regret it!


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