Couple shopping for the best kitchen appliances in NZ

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Home

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Home

Appliance shopping is always a fun activity, but it can be overwhelming to find the best products when you drop down to your local NZ appliance store. While every home is different, they all need appliances. The essentials are determined by your lifestyle. We share our advice for choosing the right appliances for your home, with some considerations that’ll make the decision easy.


Determine the Essentials

That coffee machine can wait a little longer. When it comes to finding appliances, think about what’s core to your household. Are there enough people in your home to justify purchasing a dishwasher? Or are you better off saving space and money by handwashing dishes?


Consider how you typically use your appliances. This can be a helpful way to identify settings that are essential for you. It can even help you rule out things you don’t need altogether. Smaller appliances are not important until you have the core basics covered. The big appliances are what keep your home running smoothly, so it’s best to have them at the top of the list.


Establish Your Budget First

Your budget is the holy grail of reference guides when it comes to picking out appliances. A clear budget will immediately narrow down your options and allow you to compare models that you can afford.


It can help to split your budget into different areas. For example, laundry appliances, kitchen appliances, and other household appliances. The laundry budget will be used to purchase a washer and dryer (if you need one). The kitchen includes the bigger, essential products: fridge/freezer, dishwasher, oven, and hob. Smaller kitchen appliances can be purchased with any remaining budget or further down the line.


The household budget is for the other essentials that you need to maintain a smooth-running home. These are things like vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, and other home appliances essential to an easy day-to-day life.


What Are the Size Requirements? 

Measure, measure, and measure again! You don’t want to spend all this money on a new fancy fridge, only to have it not fit the cavity. This issue is far more common than it should be and will annoy you until it’s fixed.


This issue is most common in kitchens, so when it comes down to finding the best kitchen appliances in NZ, the first place to look is at your tape-measure. Purchasing the right size will help you create a sleek looking home and save you the time, money, and energy of dealing with something that’s too big (or in some cases, too small).


Look for the Labels!

Looking for the energy efficiency of each appliance can help you figure out the long-term costs. Some appliances have a sticker with a star rating of its energy efficiency to help you find a sustainable product, such as refrigerators and dishwashers.