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Our Guide to Revamping Your Laundry Room

Our Guide to Revamping Your Laundry

Nobody enjoys doing laundry, but it’s an essential part of our routines. Whether you’re sick of the laundry machine being in the garage, or you’re doing full laundry renovations, there are some key factors to consider first. Below, we share our guide to revamping your laundry room to help you create the ideal laundry for your home.


Understand Your Space Restrictions

Your laundry space will likely be one of the smallest areas in your home, so it’s crucial to think wisely about how you use it. Measure everything multiple times. Nobody wants to buy the perfect dryer machine only to find out it’s too big for the space.


In a smaller space, such as an apartment, you may only have a cupboard for your laundry, with enough space for just one appliance. This is when a washer/dryer combo comes in handy, with its two-in-one space-saving benefits. Although it seems like common sense, many people run into this issue during their renovations and end up creating a space that they’re unhappy with.


Consider Your Laundry Habits 

Every room inside your home should be designed based on how you use it. Understanding your laundry habits is the best way to make the right choices when it comes to a revamp. Do you have a washing line outside that soaks up the sunshine? Is there enough laundry in your pile to justify a dryer?


When it comes to buying new appliances, your laundry habits, and budget will generally be the determining factors. Considering the average size of a laundry load for your household will help you figure out what settings and sizes to look for in a washing machine or dryer. Finding the right settings—and mastering them—is key to an efficient laundry room.


Look Past the Sticker Price

The sticker price and upfront cost of an appliance can be a scary thing to look at, but it’s important to remember the additional costs the machine may bring down the line.


Looking past the price sticker can give you the confidence that your new laundry appliance won’t be eating away at your power, causing the bill to skyrocket. Check for the energy efficiency star-rating, eco-cycles, and water temperature settings available. A low-price laundry machine may seem perfect but cost thousands in the long run.


Need Anything in Your Kitchen Done at The Same Time?

If you’re planning a full-scale laundry renovation, consider renovating your kitchen space as well. This may seem like a strange combination at first, but the laundry and kitchen are both spaces that require similar work.


Renovations or replacing appliances in both areas of your home will likely require plumbers, similar flooring, and more. Doing both jobs together will allow you to save money on tradespeople and purchase appliances and building materials from the same locations.


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