Friends celebrating in outdoor entertainment space

Our Guide to Building an Outdoor Entertainment Space

Whether you’ve already got an outdoor space you’re trying to spice up, or you’re looking for new backyard entertainment area ideas, it can be difficult to know what appliances to get. This blog post will break down some of the essential appliances you’ll need to make your outdoor space the highlight of your home.


The Outdoor Area Itself

Your entertainment area should be suitable for a wide range of people. Think about the type of gatherings you like to host and make sure you have sufficient space. The idea outdoor entertainment space should have low, comfortable seating, with a low table in the centre for food.


Many have chosen to have a fire pit for their outdoor space. A firepit with a wide disc around it is both a fantastic table and a great conversation starter.


Ideally, you want a space where people can sit down, relax, eat, and drink, but still navigate easily to walk around and mingle. Speakers for some music are a must, as this will help keep a comfortable atmosphere.


Add a Mini Fridge

We definitely recommend you buy a bar fridge, as they’re perfect for hosting! It can sit outdoors tucked in the corner, under a table, by the barbeque, or wherever’s most convenient! This means you and your guests won’t be going in and out of the kitchen all night—they can grab beers, soda, or whatever they’re drinking direct from the bar fridge. The best part is that no one will be stealing the good cheese from the kitchen fridge when you’re not looking!


If you know that there’s going to be a lot of wine-tastings occurring in your outdoor space, consider a 45-bottle wine cooler. Want a fridge to stock sodas, beer, ciders, and anything else that can come in a can? Your guests will never be left without a cool drink in their hand with a beverage cooler, built to hold an incredible 115 cans. Bar fridges and coolers can also do wonders for helping keep your kitchen tidy and fridge organised, so they should be a top priority if you host outdoor gatherings at your place.


Get a Portable Cooktop

Barbeque too clunky? Want to try an interactive cooking experience? Whatever your desires, you can cook your feature dish outside with a portable induction cooktop. Host the best hotpot night and be the talk of your friend group or family. These mini hobs have easy 10-stage power controls and high-temperature protection. The tiny size is truly the best part—bring the cooking experience right to the table without taking up the whole thing. This will help keep your kitchen tidy, or free it up for other household members.


One of the worst parts of hosting people in an outdoor space is the constant need to run between the backyard and the kitchen. With a portable cooktop, you can mix, mingle, and cook all at the same time, thanks to the ease and cooking speed of induction.


Impress Your Guests with an Air Fryer

Got some treats in mind? Impress all your guests with donuts, cupcakes, even fried chicken! Yup, all you need is an air fryer! These are a healthier alternative to other fryers and cooking appliances, but they create the most delicious food. From garlic bread to roast salmon; whatever is on the menu, your air fryer will be your best friend.


Midea Will Make You the Host with the Most! 

No matter what appliances you’re after, you can bet on Midea. We are a leading appliance store in NZ that creates innovative, beautifully designed appliances to make your life easier. If you’re looking for some more outdoor entertainment space ideas, be sure to check out the full Midea catalogue to see what we’ve got. Find out more by getting in contact with us today!