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Make Yourself at Home With the Types of Kitchen Hobs Available from Midea

You deserve to feel at home in your kitchen, but that can be dependent on what type of equipment you are working with. Different types of kitchen hobs will provide a varied cooking experience that can also impact how much you love your kitchen. Here, we talk about the differences between hobs, including free-standing stovetops, ceramic, gas and induction hobs.


When it comes to choosing a kitchen hob, it helps to know a bit about the different types of kitchen hobs out there. However, you should also consider how the hob fits into your cooking habits and space requirements. This guide will take you through the differences you need to think about when choosing your type of kitchen hob.


Induction Hobs For Wellness Design & Sustainability

Two major trends are driving the success of this new technology: wellness design benefits and sustainability. As we become more and more aware of the reality of climate change, sustainability is on everyone’s lips, and the popularity of induction hobs is bound to rise, as they feature in the well-designed kitchens of the future.


Induction cooking is more efficient than traditional methods, with up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption, with 90% of the energy produced channelled into the cooking vessel. This means that food cooks faster and uses less power, making it a much safer way to cook.


An induction hob is a practical option for anyone who hates cleaning up after cooking. Another huge plus is that you can wipe down the hob straight after cooking, without waiting for the surface to cool.


The Benefits of Cooking With Gas

It’s easy to see why people love cooking with gas, thanks to the precision it offers. Let’s look at the benefits.


  • Precise temperature control makes it easy to turn off the heat
  • Instant heat means you don’t waste time waiting for pans to heat up
  • Even heat distribution when cooking
  • When turned off, the heat immediately disappears and the hob surface doesn’t retain heat like many electric hobs
  • Variety of styles and types of hobs, including metal, glass, or enamel finishes


However, the main benefit of a gas hob is how quickly and easily you can control the heat. This is why most professional kitchens have gas hobs, and why chefs prefer cooking with gas.


Sleek & Stylish Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs look incredibly sleek and stylish, due to their flat, frameless design, joining your worktop and hob together. You can go for the more traditional option with dials or you can opt for the more modern touch-operated design. This design makes them very easy to clean and maintain. The ceramic hob offers a clean, sleek, and modern aesthetic for those who value aesthetics, thanks to its flat glass surface.


Freestanding Stove Tops

When you’re planning your new kitchen or renovating your old one, you can choose between two types of hobs: a freestanding cooktop or a built-in hob. It’s a good idea to consider the ease of use and the necessary maintenance before making your choice.


The freestanding cooktop is low maintenance and easily cleanable. The style and seamless design of a built-in hob are also important factors to consider when buying an oven in NZ.


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The type of hob you choose can change the entire look of your cooking space and kitchen, so it’s good to have a wide range to choose from and some professional advice on which type of hob will best suit your needs. At Midea, we offer a wide array of kitchen hobs that will add value to your kitchen.


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