Is it time to buy a heat pump dryer?

Do you know how a heat pump dryer actually works? It works by re-circulating the air through the machine. The overall cost of running a heat pump dryer is quite less. A few years ago, heat pump dryers were a bit expensive to buy but things have changed now. Prices are continuously coming down and now they are available at extremely affordable prices.

Save money with a heat pump dryer

Are you an environmentally conscious person? Do you want to keep your monthly bills to a minimum? If yes, then you must get your hands on a heat pump dryer. A good quality heat pump dryer is constructed to reheat the air circulating in the machine. Eventually, the energy remains within the machine. Moreover, as compared to other drying machines, a heat pump dryer uses a lot less energy to work.

You might have to invest a little more initially on a heat pump dryer, but rest assured the running cost is very less. Additionally, there are several advantages of having a heat pump dryer.


Heat pump dryers are known for being extremely energy efficient, all thanks to their amazing reheating and recycling process. The energy star rating of all the heat pump dryers available at Midea Shop is always maximum. This means, rather than getting a regular dryer, do yourself a favor and buy a heat pump dryer.

Cheaper to run

If you want to enjoy both short and long-term savings on money, then you ought to have a heat pump dryer. In fact, their energy-efficiency will make you fall in love with them and you will be comfortable using them daily. According to a report issued by Sustainability Victoria, a heat pump dryer only use 50% of the energy as compared to a conventional dryer.

Heat pump drying is good for your clothes

Heat pump dryers are gentler on your garments. This is because their air temperature is lower than regular dryers. They are equipped with a number of sensors that help detect moisture, hence drying the clothes more consistently and with immense care. This protects the clothes from continuous wear and tear. Always opt for a heat pump dryer that comes with such sensors.


The reason people feel comfortable using a heat pump dryer regularly is that it has remarkable energy efficiency. If you live in a small place without a proper drying area, for example a studio or apartment, a heat pump dryer will make your life easier. Don’t worry if you don’t have a backyard or a laundry room to dry the clothes. They are suitable for just about any home.