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Heat, Condensed, or Vented: Which Tumble Dryer is For You?

Heat, Condensed, or Vented: Which Tumble Dryer is For You?

When it comes to tumble dryers, there are three main optionsheat pump dryers, condenser dryers, and vented dryers. In this blog post, we compare these different types so you can choose the best model for your needs in terms of affordability, drying quality, and energy efficiency.


Keep reading to learn more and find the perfect dryer machine for your home! We’ve also included some examples of dryers that we offer under each type below, so you can see the differences for yourself.


1. Vented Dryers

Vented tumble dryers are a classic option that most people are familiar with. These dryers work by taking air from inside the room, heating it, and then running it through the drum where the clothes tumble. The hot, moist air is then expelled through an air vent or hose.


Vented dryers are the most affordable option, so they will suit those on a budget. They are also very effective in terms of drying time, making them ideal for those who need their clothes ready fast.


If you’re looking into a vented dryer, you need to consider placement carefully. These dryers need to either sit near a window or an external wall, so that the vent can blow air outside through the wall, or the hose can be placed out of the window to release the damp air outside.


Midea 7KG Vented Dryer: This vented dryer has a pebble drum feature to protect delicate clothes, and an internal temperature sensor for smart drying.


2. Condenser Dryers

Condenser dryers also draw in air from the room and heat it up to dry the clothes in the drum, but they differ from a vented dryer in the removal method of the damp air. Instead of being drawn out of a vent, the wet air is directed to a condensing chamber inside the machine. Here, the moisture is condensed and collected in a container as water. The warm and dry air leftover is fanned back out into the room. 


A key benefit of condenser dryers is that they are self-contained, and do not need to be connected to an air vent. This means they can be placed in any area of a house or apartment, rather than needing to go near an exterior wall or window.


With condenser dryers, the container that holds the moisture needs to be emptied after drying each load. This is usually a quick process that doesn’t cause issues for most people, but it is something to consider, as it’s important not to forget to do this after each use.


Midea 7KG Condenser Dryer: This condenser dryer features 16 drying programmes, including a speed-dry function for when you need your clothes ready in a flash! 


3. Heat Pump Dryers

Heat pump dryers are the most high-tech dryers you can get, and the most energy efficient. They work by heating air and running it through the drum to dry the clothes, but this air is then directed from the drum into an evaporator where moisture is removed. The dry air is then reheated, and goes back through the drum, where the loop continues until the clothes are all dry!


For those looking for a dryer that is gentle on clothes, a heat pump dryer is for you. They dry clothes at a slightly lower temperature than condenser and vented dryers, keeping your most treasured pieces in top condition.


The energy efficiency of heat pump dryers is another attractive benefit. Heat pump dryers can reduce energy use by up to 28% compared to a standard dryer. This is a win for your wallet as each load will cost less overall, and a win for the planet as you conserve more energy!


Midea 7KG Heat Pump Dryer: Our heat pump dryer offers an enviable 6-star energy rating. It also features a digital LED screen, a supersized door, and 16 different cycle settings for easy use.


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