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Exploring the New Air Conditioning Units at Midea | Midea

Exploring the New Air Conditioning Units at Midea

There have been a few exciting new arrivals at Midea – two models of brand-new air conditioning units. The Midea Infini series and Breezeless series use innovative new technology to provide cutting-edge heating and cooling experiences. Keep reading to learn more about what these models offer, and whether they are the right choice for your home.

Infini Serie

The Midea Infini series takes air conditioning to the next level. This keeps you cool in scorching heat and cosy in the freezing cold. It comes in four different models with varying kilowatt levels: 2 KW, 3.5 KW, 5 KW, and 6 KW. Kilowatts are the amount of power an AC system has. The higher kilowatt a unit possesses, the better it is for larger spaces that require maximum cooling at all times.


Energy efficient 

Midea Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning customers can rest assured that we have done our part to help protect the environment for future generations. Midea has acquired the environmental management system standard ISO14001 certification. Infini series models offer 5-star energy rating cooling and heating. They also come equipped with an energy-saving Econo+ mode. With the push of a button, your AC can keep you cool over an 8-hour period using as little as 1 KW energy, reducing consumption by up to 71%.



Midea’s Infini units have a super sturdy casing and refined outdoor unit design to ensure that your new air conditioner lasts for years. It protects from all foreign elements that could cause it harm, including salt, acid, sand, oil, and water. It also features Midea’s industry-leading, anti-corrosion epoxy fin. The kit is designed to work in harsh environments, such as coastal or high humidity climates.


Great for any home 

The Infini series will fit seamlessly into any home. It can operate at volumes as low as 20 decibels, ensuring that there is no disturbance to your household. The directional air outlet moves both horizontally and vertically, ensuring air flow gets into every corner of the room!


Breezeless Series 

Midea’s Breezeless series air conditioners use all-new cooling technology. Enjoy the cosy coolness with the breeze billowing away from you, a mild breeze, or even without any noticeable breeze.


Brand new design 

The Breezeless series eliminates icy blasts of wind. With an outer and an inner flap, you can choose exactly how soft you want the breeze to be. The double deflectors can deflect, bend, and scatter the cold airflow, offering multiple levels of cooling softness.


All 7928 micro-holes on the two deflectors soften the cool air, transforming the air current into thousands of tiny, unnoticeable strings of air that drop the room temperature.


The S-shaped side outlets redefine the possibility of AC design. The side outlets on the wings allow more cool air to circulate in your space, letting the windless cool surround and reach every corner of the space.


Rapid heating and cooling

Thanks to the high-speed fan and powerful compressor, you can cool down your room at an unbelievable speed.

Inspired by the power and robustness of a race car engine, the inverter compressor applied in the Breezeless goes from 0–65Hz in 6 seconds and maintains steady performance once it gets there. As the heart of the Breezeless series, the Inverter Quattro allows it to offer powerful cooling performance in only 40 seconds.


App control 

Control your Breezeless unit using the MideaAIR app, even when you aren’t home. The MideaAIR app is far more than a digital remote control for your air conditioner; it lets you turn on your AC away from home and control the humidity level between 30%–90%. It also automatically cleans the AC's interior and can program a smart climate curve while you are asleep.


Warm or cool your home today with Midea 

Whether you are looking to keep your home cosy and warm or cool and refreshing, Midea has you covered with our new air conditioner units. If you have any questions or need help deciding which model is right for you, get in touch with us today!