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Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Cooktops

Did you know that a ceramic cooktop is also known as a glass cooktop or smooth-top? You can get your hands on some of the finest quality ceramic cooktops at Midea. Besides that, you can also check out other high-quality products such as gas stove, electric stove, gas cooktop, bar fridge, and a lot more.

Though a ceramic cooktop is not new technology, these appliances are getting better every year. Their convenience and efficiency are increasing with time. A ceramic cooktop is a blend of convenience and efficiency. It has a faster heating ability than gas, and uses a lot more cooking power as compared to electric coils, and a sleek look.

But wait, do you know what are ceramic tops and how do they work? Before you add a new member to your kitchen, it is best that you know important things about it!

What is a ceramic cooktop?

Ceramic cooktops have a smooth surface that is made of tempered ceramic glass. If you don’t know much about these appliances, when you see them lumped together on the sales floor, you might think they all are the same. But the fact is that there are a number of options to pick from:

  • Radiant uses heated coils of metal
  • Halogen uses halogen bulbs
  • Semi-halogen uses a combination of metal coils and halogen bulbs
  • Induction uses magnets

There are minor practical differences between the first three types. As compared to other halogen coils, bulb lights up faster, so you must always be aware when the cooktop is on. Besides that, they all cook the same way and offer the same benefits.

However, Induction cooktops are a bit different. They heat up faster and have the ability to boil water twice as quickly as compared to other cooktops.

What are the benefits of ceramic cooktops?

Is there anything better than a ceramic cooktop? They help in easy cleaning, faster cooking, have amazing safety features, and have extremely easy installation.

It is very easy to clean a ceramic cooktop. You can easily wipe up spills with just a damp cloth, no more metal grates collecting oil, and causing problems. Moreover, the features of a ceramic cooktop make cooking easier and safer. Plus, they are super dooper stylish and on-trend.

Are there any downsides to a ceramic cooktop?

There are only a few downsides to ceramic cooktops. Some people are concerned about scratched glass. Pans with rough bottoms can potentially scarp the surface. However, a ceramic glass of a cooktop is built to withstand heavy use.

All in all, ceramic cooktops are a great addition to your kitchen. When you update your kitchen appliances with this beauty, be sure to begin your hunt at Midea. Our experts will be happy to help you.