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Cook Smart With A Timer On Your Hob

While many of us love to cook, I think we would all admit there are some aspects we love less than others. One of the areas that tends to annoy more than most is the time we spend stood over a hob waiting for something to cook. Thankfully with the Midea Smart Kitchen Appliance : 60GH096 hob from Midea, you can cut out all that waiting and cook smart with a timer.

Set the timer and relax while you wait

Thanks to Midea, you no longer need to be tied to standing over your hob as you wait for your meal to cook. All you need to do with the smart timer is set the cooking time and then leave the 60GH096 hob to the task. Rather than pacing around the kitchen, you can go and spend time with the family or catch up the latest episode of your favorite show. Get back that lost time.

Keep track of your remaining time

Even if you do set the smart timer, you may find you want to check on the progress and see how long is left before the meal will be ready. The Midea 60GH096 hob also shows you the time remaining so you can see how the cooking is progressing. Stay in control of the meal down to the second so you can make sure you don’t overcook the dinner.

Cook up to 4 meals at once with unique settings for all hobs

The more dishes you are preparing with the 60GH096 hob, the more freedom it provides. All 4 hobs can be used simultaneously while each of their settings can be set independently. The duration can be set from 1 to 180 minutes while the heating power ranges from 1 kW to 4Kw. This means you can cook on all 4 hobs at the same time with each hob cooking at a different power for a different amount of time. Prepare that big meal all in one go. Don't know how to choose the best hobs in NZ, please check Midea NZ website