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Benefits of a Washing Machine: How Having a Laundry Will Save You Money

Doing laundry is not everyone’s favourite chore. However, relying on the short-term convenience of laundromat services once or twice a week can hurt your household’s budget. If you take a second to review your monthly expenses, how much percentage goes to washing clothes? A lot, right? If you consider the benefits of a washing machine at home, you’d know what you’re missing out on.


In this article, we’ll talk about how investing in your own laundry machine and dryer makes a lot of sense financially in the long run. To understand why it’s practical to buy a washing machine for your home, let’s break down the cost-effective advantages of taking this step.


Breaking Down the Cost-Effective Benefits of a Washing Machine

From saving time, energy, and money to increasing the lifespan of your favourite outfit, let’s enumerate the undeniable benefits of washing machines and setting up your own laundry suite at home.


Washing Machines are Water and Energy-Savers

Today’s technology adds more functional and energy-efficient advantages to modern laundry machines. For instance, a front load washing machine is both energy efficient and cost friendly. Compared to older washing machines, a front loader uses 30% less water and electricity, thanks to its advanced mechanical design and customisable laundry settings. Imagine saving that much on your water and electricity service bills!


Family-Size Modern Laundry Machines Fit Small Spaces

A modern laundry machine is not only designed for ease of use; it is also fitted to suit small laundry rooms. There’s no need to worry about the added cost of a laundry area remodel or home renovation. Its compact and practical dimensions can handle the load of an entire household. They also come in minimalist designs, so it easily blends in with your home’s existing interior styles.


Laundry Machines and Dryers Save Time

Time is money. You don’t want to spend your days off taking care of a week’s worth of laundry. With a reliable tumble dryer at home, your load enjoys shorter drying times because of the faster spinning mechanism present in modern dryers. Additionally, some machines include an add-wash function, a setting that allows you to easily put in additional clothes mid-cycle.


Quality Washers and Dryers Takes Care of Your Clothes

Have you ever lost your favourite shirt due to a faulty washing machine? How about ruining your favourite dress because the local laundromat doesn’t have the right settings for handling such a delicate fabric? How many times have you spent money on buying new clothes all because of bad laundry service?


Having your own laundry suite at home will help increase your wardrobe’s lifespan because you can easily set the right wash settings for your precious clothes. Aside from reducing wear and tear, a laundry machine provides comprehensive settings to handle delicate and thick fabrics.


Washing Your Clothes Dramatically Reduces Your Household Expenses

The numbers of your monthly laundry budget can be overwhelming if you look at it long-term. If you have a big household or you’re starting a new family, a weekly visit to your local laundromat for years can cost you thousands of dollars. Washing laundry is a part of our everyday life and it will always be a part of our to-do list.


It also means that you’ll always have to lose money to ensure your family has clean and comfortable clothes to wear every day. The good news is there’s still a way to change all these. How? By investing in your laundry machine. It’s high time you took this step.


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Now that you’ve realised the financial benefits of a washing machine, it’s time to take the next step: choosing the best laundry machine and dryer that can answer your family’s needs. At Midea, we have a wide selection of dryers, top load and front load washing machines, and washer/tumble dryer combos that will help you save time, money, and energy.


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