5 Reasons Dishwashers are better than Hand Washing

5 Reasons Dishwashers are Better Than Hand Washing

5 Reasons Dishwashers are Better Than Hand Washing


When debating whether to wash the dishes by hand or let the dishwasher do the job, there are some common misconceptions that many of us have particularly when it comes to energy efficiency. Below are 5 reasons you should choose a dishwasher over hand washing and after reading the article we believe you’ll be on Team Dishwasher!


  Dishwashers save water and energy

According to an in-house consumer study conducted in Germany, a full dishwasher uses approximately 10 liters of water, while washing the same amount by hand uses 103 liters of water on average. This is because although dishwashers appear to be constantly spraying water, the pump sprays are actually recirculating the same small amount of water through the wash cycle. Meanwhile when washing by hand, the water goes straight from the faucet down the drain.

Additionally, you can save approximately 75% of electricity when using a dishwasher. A dishwasher heats more quickly and economically than the household water heater used when hand washing.


 Dishwashers are more hygienic

In order to kill germs on your dirty dishes, the water needs at least 140° F. A dishwasher can heat water up to 158° F, but it’s impossible to hand wash dishes at this temperature. Furthermore, there is a high chance that your dishes are carrying germs from your kitchen. The sink is usually dirty while the towel harbors germs and the sponge is actually the filthiest object in the whole kitchen. By using the dishwasher, you don’t need to interact with any of these surfaces, ensuring your dishes are as germ-free as possible.


 Dishwashers save time

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to use a dishwasher instead of hand washing is that it simply saves time. A lot of time. Without a dishwasher, you face the prospect of spending hours in front of the sink cleaning dirty dishes. Those hours soon add up over a week, over a month, over a year. With a dishwasher you don’t even need to pre-rinse. All you need to do is load the dishes and leave the rest to the dishwasher.


Dishwashers protect your hands

Washing dishes by hand every day is going to take its toll on your skin. With all that hot water, all that scrubbing, and all that drying, it’s no surprise that your hands start to get wrinkled. So be kind to yourself and spare your hands the hard work by using a dishwasher instead.


 Dishwashers reduce arguments

It may seem farfetched to suggest, but the reality is that dishwashers reduce the chance for disagreements in the kitchen. Washing the dishes is arguably the least enviable chores to do and those in the house will do anything to avoid it, which can often lead to arguments. Simply put, no one is going to argue about who has to wash the dishes if the dishwasher will do it for you. So make life easier at home with a Freestanding Dishwasher or Drawer Dishwasher.