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4 Heat Pump Dryer Benefits: Why It’s Right for Your Home

4 Heat Pump Dryer Benefits: Why It’s Right for Your Home

With so many options in the market, choosing the ideal dryer can seem confusing and complicated. While vented tumble dryers and condenser tumble dryers are more affordable options in the short term, have you ever thought about the benefits a heat pump dryer could bring to your home? Heat pump dryers are the gold standard for energy efficiency, gentle fabric care, and cost savings in the long run. Read on to discover why you need a heat pump dryer for your home.  


More energy efficient

Unlike vented dryers and condenser dryer machines, heat pump dryers operate by reusing heated air in a closed-circuit system to dry your laundry. You get perfect drying results while consuming up to 50% less electricity than other dryer types. Dry multiple laundry loads or thick fabrics like towels, down, and duvets frequently without worrying about your electricity bill. Although heat pump dryers are generally more expensive upfront, it’s important to remember how much less they cost to run.


Cheaper to run     

Efficient heat pump dryers have an innovative system to reuse the hot air, so all that heat doesn’t go to waste. They don’t need to keep using more and more electricity to generate more heat because they don’t waste what they’ve already made. This means that heat pump dryers need less electricity to do the job, costing you less to run.


Gentle on clothes

It can be frustrating to pop your clothes into the dryer and have them come out a few sizes smaller. Heat pump dryers ensure gentle fabric care with lower drying temperatures of around 50°C, compared to 80°C for other conventional dryer types. They often feature sensors to detect moisture, so your clothes are dried more consistently and treated with better care. This saves you from replacing them due to wear & tear or shrinkage.


Works in any home

Without the need for a vent, heat pump dryers can be installed in any home. As heat pump dryers expel little hot air into their surroundings and have a condensation unit to store extracted moisture, there’s no need for an exhaust hose to be installed. This means you can place them anywhere in your laundry room, basement, or kitchen — even under countertops or in a laundry cupboard. Traditional dryers are tricky to install, as they have hoses that need a route outside to vent the damp air they produce. Heat pump dryers have no hoses or vents, as they deposit moisture into a water tank, which will need emptying now and again unless you plumb it in.


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